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Crystal™ concentrate evens and illuminates skin tone, reducing the appearance of brown spots and the signs of aging. It is all natural and contains no hydroquinone or whitening agents & acheives radiance a natural way!


  • Naturally reduces the appearance of age spots  

  • Addresses the problem directly at the source

  • Evens and illuminates skin tone  


Skin types: Normal, oily, dry, very dry, tired or mature.


Skin concerns: Age spots, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and colour.


Texture: Lightweight 

CRYSTAL™ · Age spot concentrat

15 Milliliters
  • In the morning and evening, wash the face with Purifica™ foam, apply Idrata™ serum and spray Luvya™ mist. Then, apply Crystal™ concentrate on target areas. Repeat these steps for at least 30 days in a row or until satisfied with the result.

  • Seaweed extract: Tyrosinase inhibitor that also impairs the maturation and migration of melasonomes responsible for age spots.

    Ascorbic acid: Keratolytic, brightening and antioxidant exfoliant that regulates tyrosinase activity.

    Bisabolol: Soothing agent that reinforces the skin’s protective barrier.

    Licorice extract: Natural skin brightener that inhibits pigmentation by preventing the activation of tyrosinase.

    Carrot and celery seed oil (phthalides): Agents that regulate tyrosinase activity and limit pigment storage.

    Superoxide dismutase: Anti-aging enzyme that reduces melanin oxidation.

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