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Laser Hair Removal

Your laser sessions will have to be spaced about every 4-6 weeks apart for best results. Allowing more or less time in between sessions will result in ineffective results. It is extremely crucial to keep up with appointments for desired results.

  • The area that you plan to have treated should not have been waxed for at least 4 weeks - 6 weeks is preferred.
    * Waxing, plucking, bleaching, threading, the use of nair or any other removal products, spray tan or any artificial application of color to your body should be completely avoided throughout your entire laser hair removal process.

  • Any area that you plan to have treated should be completely shaved at the time of your appointment. Leaving hair causes for a much more painful and not as effective procedure. The better off the area to be treated is shaved- the better off your overall sessions will be.

  • The area that you plan to have treated should also be clean of lotion, makeup and deodorant- clean and natural skin is best.

  • The sun should be avoided while treatments are underway as the laser is most effective at your most natural skin color.

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Eliminate hair from virtually anywhere on your body.

Unwanted hair? It’s everywhere. You have the power to make sure it’s nowhere on you – with a  series of laser hair removal treatments. Enjoy a shave and maintenance free body with no more whoas like  ingrown hair and razor burn. Our highly concentrated laser targets the pigment in your hair follicles to inhibit and eliminate new growth and save you years of shaving. Throw away the razor, waxes, creams and lotions. And enjoy baby smooth skin again. 

Suitable for all skin colours and hair types, we can provide you with your aesthetic goals in as little as 4 – 6 treatments depending on the desired treatment area and the coarseness of your hairs.


prices vary based on total surface area being treated and will be confirmed during initial consultation 
base prices are as followed

Face Laser - $95
Full Legs - $225
Full Arms - $150
Under Arms - $65 
Brazilian - $180 - $195
Full Body - $450

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Tattoo Removal

So you got inked! And now you have a little tattoo regret. You aren’t alone. Or maybe, you  want to cover up an existing tattoo, but the old ink is too dense. Fortunately, advances in laser technology have made the removal of unwanted tattoos possible. Successful Laser Tattoo Removal requires an ideal combination of advanced laser technology, multiple laser sessions and medical skin care expertise to ensure that the ink breaks down properly without leaving problematic pigmentary concerns. Book a complimentary skin analysis and consultation today.

Prices vary based on total surface area for treatment
Free initial consultation, Call to Book !

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